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A quick outline of the various questions we receive regarding HCG Shots:

Weight loss with HCG injections AND the HCG diet has spurned a lot of controversy. With controversy comes rumors that are not exactly true. Most of the FAQ's are listed below to help you decide if this is an opportunity for you to shed that extra weight. To start everyone should know that the level of HCG in the injections is relatively low because that is what works best.


The low dosage means that the only thing you get out of the injections is the ability to lose weight and to help with inflammation. You do not get bigger breasts, men do not grow breasts, there is no connection between HCG and breast cancer those are just some of the rumors that are associated with HCG.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about HCG injections.


  1. Can I take HCG with other medications? The answer is a resounding YES. HCG does not effect the potency of other medications. There are no ill side effects from taking HCG with prescription medications. They do not interact at all.

  2. Once I stop taking HCG will the weight pile back on? This is a trick question. Once you stop taking the HCG the weight will not pile back on for 70-90% of the people that take it, however your lifestyle will be key to whether you gain the weight back or not.

  3. Do I have to eat less for HCG to work? HCG is a diet aid, that means it will help you achieve your weight loss goals but it can not do it for you. In other words if you are still going to eat high fat, high calorie foods than it will be a struggle to lose weight just by using the HCG injections. You have to put in an effort to get optimal results.

  4. Will HCG interfere with my birth control? HCG is a pregnancy hormone but it will not interfere with the potency of you birth control. The small dose of HCG does not effect your reproductive system at all.

  5. Will HCG cause headaches, nausea or vomiting? The only time anyone has ever reported headaches nausea of vomiting associated with HCG injections is when they have seriously amp'd up the dosage. Bodybuilders are famous for taking beyond the recommended dosage of HCG and suffering from headaches and other negative effects.




HCG is safe! HCG has minimal side effects that do not effect everyone that takes it. As a matter of fact the side effects only effect about 5% of the population that takes HCG and those side effects are irregular menstruation and tender breasts in women. Men report zero side effects. 


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